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Maintenance of your Humhub instance

We can maintain your Humhub instance to ensure maximum service continuity and prevent data leakage or loss (limited offers).

What this maintenance includes

  • Core, module (1) and theme (2) updates as needed and at least every 3 months
  • Database integrity & backup checks every 3 months
  • Monitoring (we will be notified if the platform goes down, if an error is logged in Humhub and by Google Search Console alerts)
  • Fixes in case of problems
  • Support (if you notice a bug, by email or phone)
  • Security (hacking prevention)
  • Global check of all settings, advise and fixes (modules installed, global settings, configuration files, server, prerequisites, email deliverability, domain DNS, cron jobs, etc.)
  • For self-hosted instances:
    • Server updates (to stay compliant with new Humhub version requirements)
    • Backups (local & remote) & restore if necessary

(1) Only for modules published on Humhub marketplace by Humhub (list here) and CUZY.APP (list here)
(2) Includes custom theme CSS style recompilation for each Humhub core update, but excludes other code updates


  • If hosted with Humhub SaaS
  • For non-profit organizations.

What’s not included in maintenance

  • Modules not published on the marketplace by Humhub (list here), CUZY.APP (list here) or custom modules maintenance or updates
  • Custom theme maintenance or updates (except CSS style recompilation, which is included)
  • Custom code
  • Other software than Humhub
  • Support other than for bugs with Humhub core or a module created by Humhub or CUZY.APP
  • Fix in case of an error made on your side (e.g. you delete a content, you change something on the server, etc.)
  • External service provider fees (domain, hosting, email sending, paid modules, etc.)
  • Legal documents for GDPR compliance
  • Search engine optimization

When not included in the maintenance, you can also ask for on time paid service here.


  • Well-known hosting provider such as Humhub SaaS, Infomaniak, Hetzner or other managed cloud servers
  • Transactional email such as SMTP2GO, Send Grid, Mail Gun, etc.
  • Access to the server, to to a Google account for Firebase (mobile notifications) and Google search console and optionally to the domain DNS manager (for initial settings)
  • Modules and themes have been created by Humhub or CUZY.APP (custom developments and modules not on Humhub marketplace are admitted only if created by Humhub or CUZY.APP)
  • Humhub core is updated and without bugs in the browser console and Humhub logging
  • No change in the code on the server